Welcome to the 21 Day Vision Quest with your horse!


🐴Welcome to a life-changing 21-day online equine vision quest designed to ignite your inner journey and foster a profound connection with your horse.

🦋Led by expert facilitators, Shayleigh and Amber, this transformative experience offers a carefully curated daily program of enriching activities.

🌈Immerse yourself in the art of self-discovery and bonding with your horse through engaging activities, guided meditations, and journaling.

⚡️Awaken your senses with somatic experiences, breath work, and Qigong, preparing for a heightened connection with your equine partner and the natural world.

🌀This unique journey is not a solitary one; you'll be part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals in our private Facebook group. Together, you can share insights, experiences, and encouragement as you celebrate breakthroughs and uplift each other toward growth and empowerment.

❤️Experience newfound clarity, power, and authenticity as you deepen your connection with yourself, your horse, and the world around you. Embrace a harmonious future by calling your power back and advocating confidently for yourself and your horse.

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🐴🤎 Shayleigh & Amber

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