$397.00 USD

This is a wonderful addition to the masterclass. While there is sample sessions for you to utilize in the masterclass there is something special about doing them with all the additional goodies in this program! 

2023 Breathe-Belive-Recieve

We are going to guide and support you right into the best year of your life!

What you'll get:

  • Monthly cosmic forecast video with Denis Byron (Intuitive Astrologist)
  • Guided journal prompts for the month built around the cosmic forecast  
  • 2 Live, online, Somatic breath work sessions a month! All recorded and uploaded into the library!
  • Time to process after live sessions to support integration. 

It honestly doesn't get any better than having breath work sessions built out around exactly what you need for the month, Right?

Mirror Masterclass-Level 1 (Paid in Full) 2023

Get Ready to be Able to Effectively Connect and Communicate with Your Horse!

This unique, self paced, online course will help the people who feel like there is a missing piece to this horsemanship puzzle! 

Best part is you don't have to do it alone! The monthly support call will help you stay connected, be held accountable and feel supported!

The missing link in most programs is the human element. This clear cut road map is proven and my clients have been getting amazing results! No matter what level or what discipline! My trainer clients are able to support their clients better by sharing some of these tools in their own lessons!

I'm so excited for you to unlock this next level of horsemanship!!

Mirror Masterclass-Level 1 awaits!

 What you'll get:

  • Access to 9 simple yet effective focus modules to guide you through each step!
  • Access to 1 monthly group coaching call (recorded in case you miss it)
  • Pre-recorded videos to walk you step by step through the Mirror Method process
  • Library of live sessions with my clients to see the processes in real time. 
  • Journal Prompts to support the teachings in each focus module to keep the momentum going!
  • Guest Trainer Connection Videos 
  • Safe and Private Community to be supported in.
  • Bonus Library of different modalities of body movement facilitated by top teachers- Qigong, Pilates, Somatic Breath Work, Meditations            

Any additional questions please feel free to send me a message!


What People Are Saying:

hank you Amber for giving us a safe space where we can speak openly. You always respond kindly which allows me to actually Hear what you are saying. Like I'm looking forward to holding my own space with grace. More of these classes please. :)

Masterclass Member

In working this course, I have been presented with so many opportunities to acknowledge the specific pattern that l've ignored forever. So far I have"paused" instead of immediately reacting (boy, I so wanted to blow up..did so internally, big feelings in my gut). I am working on holding my own space. It's another layer of me that's being revealed.

Masterclass Member