$75.00 USD

Mirror Session | In-Person - Aptos CA | May 25, 2024

When is the last time you unapologetically dedicated time for yourself? We MUST remember that we cannot pour from an empty cup! Feeling guilty is OUT and doing things that heal your soul are IN!

What to expect:

  • Guided, channeled meditation amongst a very special herd of horses with incredible healing abilities 
  • Journaling (prompted and/or guided by the horses)
  • Music that is selected special for the collective needs of the group
  • Deep reset of the nervous system 
  • Gentle movement to help clear things somatically 
  • Safe space to be seen and heard with out judgment 
  • Time to share and process the session

Words cannot accurately describe what these sessions are like- Magic is really the only one that comes to mind!

Limited spaces to keep the group intimate- there is no horse handling in these sessions- we share space and they decide when they are needed and when they need space- a beautiful example of how we should also be honoring ourselves!