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Most of my clinics are held in Aptos, Ca. but there are a few sprinkled throughout the USA that you can catch me at! Some are just mine but I have been having so much fun collaborating that I do not see that stopping anytime soon!

Trail Confidence Clinic (July 15-16th) Aptos-2 Full
Private Sessions Truckee Ca (August 3rd-6th) contact privately
Confidence and Connection Clinic (August 26th-27th) Aptos- Full
Vision Quest with Your Horse (2024)
Full 2023 Schedule

Elements of Connection Journey East Coast Edition Application is here!

Amber Lydic-Shayleigh Evans-Celeste Lazaris- Tara Davis- Katherine Lowry

October 11th-15th 2023- North Carolina 


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Full 2023 Schedule