Ron & Lindsey Wasserman-Emerson

The term horse gentling versus horse breaking or even horse training always spoke to the way I wanted my work with horses to feel. After dozens of years of searching and finding bits and pieces that worked and shedding many that didn’t, I stumbled upon a meditation of Amber‘s that she had posted on her Facebook page. I listened and practiced with her words playing in my pocket as I sat with my horses and figured out how we might proceed. Her words felt honest and something magical was happening. Last winter my husband and I took an online zoom (even before Covid) master class with Amber that gave us a lot of tools and personal experience of Amber‘s wisdom and teaching ways as we participated in video lessons with our horses. Last summer as a wildfire bore down on our property, Amber came through smoke and flames and rescued our two stranded horses who have lived on her farm for the last seven months. Since then we’ve had the opportunity to attend her Mirror Sessions which helped us to tap into our grief and process around losing everything in the CZU fire. Our horses are healing us and we are healing them and Amber‘s approach has been a fast track to acknowledging our own feelings and listening to and supporting our horses as they learn to trust that they can unlock their scared and stuck patterns. The chance to slow down and work on horse time has been a medicinal balm for all of us.

Our testimony is brief, but our work with her is deep and productive. We have participated in her clinics and group lessons and we’ve had her support every step of the way when we have asked for it. She thoroughly allows people to figure out their own strategies, make sense of their own psyches and she is there to nudge, support and suggest ways to make our work with our horses the most satisfying and transformational possible. If you have a chance to do work with her, go for it! It will only make you and your horse glad you did.


Sandy Vreeburg

Amber and I met due to our having a mutual client and I was immediately very impressed with the positive and courageous growth that I observed taking place on a deeply personal level with our friend. I was intrigued and signed up to experience one of Amber's Mirror in the Stall sessions.

We began with a beautiful mediation prepared and presented by Amber. We then took our chairs into the arena where we journaled while horses of all shapes and sizes milled about freely. It was when I was in complete internal congruence that a few lovely equines started to breathe upon my neck, blow on my hair and peacefully surround my chair. At that moment, I felt that I was welcomed into the herd.

The second session was even more “moving”. Amber did another guided meditation; this one took us a bit deeper into our personal “cellular diaries” as she asked us to remember the first time that we felt “safe”. Amber’s words and guidance opened the door and illuminated a deep wound that I had sealed over in a protective layer of scar tissue. I touched it, felt it, moved it, felt anger followed by a very empowering lightning bolt release and yes- I gave it flight!

Life changing? Oh, you bet!

Amber Lydic, you are a rare, raw, touchable, humble and exquisitely beautiful human being. I will eternally thank and send love to our client and friend that paved the way for me to meet you.


Megan Gage

"Amber has been instrumental in my growth as a rider and rebuilding my confidence as a mom. I was always a confident, successful rider growing up - I started riding at age 6, competed for my university, taught hunter/jumper/equitation lessons to others. I even dabbled in eventing, fox hunting, and trail riding. However, when I had my daughter 7 years ago...something changed. My innate riding capabilities took a shift and I no longer felt as strong and confident as I always had. My horse felt the shift and we started to struggle. He shut down as I was no longer connected in our partnership, I had worry creep in when I'd least expect it. It was Amber who was able to articulate what was happening and guide us through regaining my confidence and repairing our relationship as a horse & rider. With her instruction, my horse came back to us and was able to release his own worry and tension. I learned strategies to manage my own role as a rider and found that riding became fun again. I'll still remember the day Amber said, "let it go and ride like a KID" - it was a turning point in my ability to release the worry, regain why I loved horses in the first place, and enjoy the ride. I still incorporate Amber's practices into my riding every day, whether it be just a quick mental reminder to be in the moment - or taking a longer, conscious pause to reset my mind and give my horse the space to engage with me and relax in himself. I so wish I had worked with Amber when I was younger - but grateful I have that chance now as I guide my daughter into her own journey with horses as she grows up. I'm so thankful to have Amber as part of my tribe - my horse and I are so much better for it and have a lifetime of fun to enjoy together!"


Kym Morello

As a student of Amber's for over a year now, the horsewomen and person I have grown into are much different. Not only was I feeling inadequate as a horse person, but being newly retired, my self-worth was in question. The introspection and growth I have gained by working with Amber have not only helped me be a more confident person, but it has also helped me understand how to be a better horse partner.

Four years ago, at 60yrs. old I decided to lease a horse that I now own. Not being around horses since I was a kid, I quickly discovered it was an entirely different world, and things had changed as much as the years had passed. Fear, anxiety, and not knowing what school of thought to follow, I jumped in. I tried many styles and followed several trainers, went to clinics, and read any book offered or recommended on horses. But it wasn't until a friend suggested checking out Amber Lydic on YouTube that I felt like I was on the right path. I watched her round pen session, and I knew that is what I was looking for. Someone that had a deep understanding of horses, someone that knew how to read them, was gentle but clear, confident but not demanding or controlling. Watching Amber's videos, I knew I found someone I could relate to.

It has been a fascinating journey to work with Amber and discover my shortcomings, where my reactions come from, and how to stay out of my head. It's like peeling those layers of an onion. She helps you discover who you are at the core to be more present and have a deeper connection with our horses and family, friends, co-workers, etc. Because really, our horses are a mirror of ourselves. People are our reflections. If we are not clear with ourselves, how can we expect them to know what we are asking?

The tools Amber has given me have deepened my relationship in my personal life and the connection to my horse. Working with Amber continually surprises me at how the work is never done! There is always another layer to peel away. I now find the humor in those surprises rather than judgment or feeling imperfect.