☁️Do any of these statements feel true for you?...

☁️ An unexpected fall on the trail has me rattled- I haven't been able to work through it on my own...

☁️ I want to expose my horse to new environments and new experiences safely- I don't have a way to do that...

☁️  I would love to know what to do and to practice in a variety of situations: Being "left behind" or needing to leave the group calmly...

☁️ The thought of going on the trail makes me anxious- but I WISH I had a way to gain confidence to do it...

☁️ I would LOVE to go on the trail but I don't know where to start safely... 

☁️ My horse is so well behaved in the arena, but once we go out side they turn into a nervous nelly...

☁️ I would love to get experience but don't have anyone to go with...

☁️ My horse always races to be in front and jigs if he is not..

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Imagine having a whole  weekend focused on deepening the connection with your horse and growing their confidence in and out of the arena...

If that sounds like fun to you..keep reading! 

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Online Pre-Clinic Course

This program will give you a head start on really understanding the concepts we will be building the foundation from. 

There are 9 modules that include meditation, a somatic journey to clear any stagnant emotions you have blocking you, journaling to help you get clear and call your power back.

This ensures we are separating our "issues" from their's (good ol' accoutability) 

They don't need us to be "perfect"... just real!

Honestly- you will notice shifts with just this step!

Day 1 (Morning Session)

We will take your skills & understandings from the Pre-clinic course and put them to action. We will go through a process that will give you a deep nervous system reset to start the day off right!

Next we will address the obstacles in the arena with out our horses- We can identify if there are any preconceived notions about how are horses will feel- shift those and then bring them in!

We do this to allow the connection and trust to grow in a space that feels safe and contained. We will focus on boundaries, staying present and listening to them.

Day 1 (Afternoon Session)

 After lunch we will head back to the arena to settle back into the moment. We will integrate the lessons from the morning and add some ground work techniques that will transition to the saddle to help maintain a body posture that will support relaxation.

Next we will hit the trail in hand in a unique vision quest experience that you will take with your horse. This will strengthen the trust all while not overwhelming anyone. We will go together in silence and take notes on the messages our horses have for us.

In the wrap up we will do a check in and set up an optimal plan for success of the collective group for the next day! 

Day 2 Morning Session-Phase 1

We will come together and chat about anything that came up over night that needs to be heard.

Then we will share in a connection exercise with our horses to refresh from the day before. 

Day 2 Morning Session- Phase 2

We will take a quick break and then hit the trail again... This is for confidence building only. The main focus will not be on the ridden portion- you can ride, but if there seems to be too much worry I would ask for you to dismount and start where they feel comfortable- the goal is to make a strong foundation for them- That is the number 1 priority! 

Next Steps 

There is a level 2 & 3 that will be announced. That being said you are encouraged to take level 1 as many times as needed- no two will be the same! 

The idea is that you take your newly acquired skills home and practice!

Level 2 will be more focused on ridden exercises on the trail to help support independent and confident trail partners. We will work safely and slowly on standing the trail, leaving the herd, being in all positions and more

Level 3 is focused on building on what the other levels provided and strengthening independence and confidence.

If you are serious about building the confidence of you & your horse, you have to make a choice right now: You either stay stuck where you are, avoiding the new adventures you and your horse could be on.. OR... you can join us and turn your frustrations and fear into a thing of the past!


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Hi, I'm Amber!


Mother, friend, sister, horse trainer for over 20 years (not feeling this title anymore but haven't found a good replacement yet) My passion is reined cow horse and cutting! I am a Theta Practitioner, Certified in Somatic Release Breath work, Certified mindset coach, I was the trainer for the San Jose Police Mounted Unit  and also Certified in EAGALA. 

All of that being said, I am mostly just a human going through this life learning all the same lessons as everyone else. I have faithfully dedicated my time here to finding different ways to access more of our true selves- I pride myself on being able to create a safe container for space to be held in anyway it needs to be.

No judgment, always real and can always see the light in the shadow.. 

Society, especially the equine world, may put us in boxes, but that doesn't mean we have to stay there. I'm all about breaking free from who we think we should be and to start living as exactly who we want to be! 

This may not be the traditional route in horsemanship but I promise you this is thread to having a deeply connected partnership and still being able to hit your performance goals (although some of them may seem far less significant after this program)

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and unapologetic confidence