Truckee Clinic, June 16th & 17th 2023

You and I both know the horsemanship world is filled with a massive amount of information- books, trainers, videos, courses, clinics and so much more!  While that can be amazing it can also cause decision fatigue and ultimately put you in a state of freeze and overwhelm. Traditional horsemanship is great but it often falls short when you are trying to address the horse and human relationship holistically. I spent most of my career not knowing how to do that, even though I KNEW not addressing it was one of the biggest problems when it came to performance & behavior issues. So in this clinic we will do just that! We focus on the mind, body and spirt of the horse and human together. They are our mirror's- we can use that to trigger us or as a path to deeper healing, new levels of connection (horse and human) and a roadmap to calling your personal power back!

I don't know about you, but I did not get into horses to feel stressed out and disconnected! I am going to guess that is quite the opposite...

So why do we let the pressure of others at the barn, our trainer's or worst of all (and most common) our own internal dialogue affect the relationship we have with them?! Answer- because we are human! 

No matter what discipline you ride or what level you feel you are, you will walk away with new tools, (personal growth and horsemanship) to support a perspective shift and a new lens to see yourself & your horse through! 


It's a balance but they all must go together!

What's included in your investment:

Online pre-clinic course

Once you sign up you will be granted access to an online pre clinic course that will get you prepared to get the most out of your experience! Whether you are a participant or auditing this will support you in your journey before, during and after!

There will also be a live, online, scheduled follow up session available for additional support. These are open for participants and auditors.

Mirror Session

Friday afternoon there will be an offering at the host barn. The session will incorporate music, meditation (guided, walking and sitting) and journaling all amongst my personal herd (leave yours at home until Saturday ❤️) This session will help the integration of the pre-work and help you be a morse grounded and stable partner for your horse the next day!

Clinic Day

These sessions will be personalized to each partnerships needs. We will address the mind, body and spirit connection with nervous system regulation, identifying belief systems that maybe affecting the physical body all while integrating horsemanship tools to achieve self carriage and grow confidence for horse and human. Safe, intentional and sustainable exercises that honor the exact place in development that the horse is at mentally and physically!

Clinic Participant


  • Online pre-clinic preperation course
  • Mirror Session
  • One on one, custom, & supported session
  • Opportunity to audit & support other participants during their sessions
  • Virtual group follow up meeting
  • Option for a virtual add on private session as a follow up



  • Online pre-clinic preperation course
  • Mirror Session
  • Opportunity to audit & support other participants during their sessions
  • Virtual group follow up meeting
  • Option for a virtual add on session with your personal horse
  • Limited Spaces

Hi, I'm Amber!

Mother, friend, sister, horse trainer for over 20 years (not feeling this title anymore but haven't found a good replacement yet) My passion is reined cow horse and cutting! I am a Theta Practitioner, Certified in Somatic Release Breath work, Certified mindset coach, I was the trainer for the San Jose Police Mounted Unit  and also Certified in EAGALA. 

All of that being said, I am mostly just a human going through this life learning all the same lessons as everyone else. I have faithfully dedicated my time here to finding different ways to access more of our true selves- I pride myself on being able to create a safe container for space to be held in anyway it needs to be.

No judgment, always real and can always see the light in the shadow.. 

Society, especially the equine world, may put us in boxes, but that doesn't mean we have to stay there. I'm all about breaking free from who we think we should be and to start living as exactly who we want to be! 

This may not be the traditional route in horsemanship but I promise you this is thread to having a deeply connected partnership and still being able to hit your performance goals (although some of them may seem far less significant after this program)

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and unapologetic confidence.