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Manifesting Magic! 


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If I had to give 2023 one word it would be MAGIC!!!!


My favorite moments this year were when I really surrendered and FINALLY was able to fully detach from a specific outcomes of things. I was WORKING SO HARD to manifest (which is exactly the opposite of what you are supposed to do) AND DEEP DOWN I KNEW THAT! 😅

BUT Surrendering is so hard to do when you want it soooooooo bad!!

Seeing all the things I have been pushing so hard to accomplish, finally start to essentially fall into my lap, has been my close second place favorite moments this year!

I'm so proud that I am so much better at just letting it go and letting spirit do the work- Shayleigh too!!

Like a COMPLETELY different vibe we have over here!!

 Manifesting became a fun game where everyone wins!!!!

🧡 I've gone from feeling trapped in the horse trainer industry that was sucking my life soul... In a business model that made me feel major ick, but also felt like I couldn’t say "no" because single mom life and I had bills to pay
➡️ Manifesting dream partnerships (business/family/friends) and creating magical events that I have been able to facilitate alongside of some of the most powerful, bad ass, horse people in the industry!!
🧡Created a career that lights my soul on fire and speaks to my true Dharma while also leaving me time actually hang out with my own horses...
🤯 One day after going through this process we are going to take you through, I had almost 100% of the resources I need to create my larger scale event I’ve been dreaming about since 2019! (yes I said ONE DAY!!!!)
➡️ I Finally feel truly supported by the universe and safe to dream much bigger than what I ever thought I could before... Knowing that when there are roadblocks that pop up, I can just smile and say... "If not this, then better" and truly embody it... That is FREEDOM!! ー If coming  into a super supportive community where  you are safe to explore what your soul wants most- then you have come to the right place!!

If I had one wish for 2024, it would be that every single person would be able to master this!!

Is it the right time for you to really master this art?

If you say "yes" to any of these, then you are definitely ready!

➡️ You KNOW exactly what you want to manifest in 2024, BUT you also wanted it in 2023, 2022 AND 2021 (maybe even longer-and now you aren't sure any !f this works!)

➡️ You can’t seem to get out of the asking energy and how in the world could you possibly do that,

knowing how badly you want all the things!???!

➡️ You have done vision boards, written journal entries, screamed incantations into the mirror and have post it notes ALL-OVER-YOUR-HOUSE! And still nothing!

➡️ You feel like everyone around you is getting all the things they are asking for- it looks effortless and now you are frustrated and down on yourself... which is definitely not calling in the energy of the things you want either!

We got you!!!... We were there and promise this is all a part of the journey and you can ABSOLUTELY get the hang of this!! 


What is included?

Step-by-step formula

that doesn’t just help you get clear on what you want (we know you have that list) but get to the root of WHY you don't have it already! (hint: usually some deep seated belief systems sneaking around in your unconscious mind)
AND also support you in fully embodying the energy of already having the things that you desire!  
I’m not talking about smiling and talking positive about it, I’m talking about fully freaking embodying what it
feels like to already have it...
Totally different vibe!

A private community

of people to support in the momentum of the energy as a collective... Imagine a big swirling Vortex of positive vibrating people, holding the same intentions as you!!
All working together... And when you start to get on a slippery slope of doubt and that desperate, sometimes needy vibe, you call out the SOS flag and somebody draws you right back into
surrender and alignment! The art of receiving support is EVERYTHING! If you are a GIVER, that's amazing, BUT you cannot be in the giving AND receiving mode at the same time! So get ready to practice!
Several different processes including

guided & subliminal meditations

to support the shifts in the subconscious mind from lack and unworthiness to abundance and truly knowing your reality can be even more magic than your wildest dreams!

About your hosts

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Hi, We are Shayleigh and Amber and we are and helping horse people manifest magic right into 2024 - whether it’s your dream partnership with your horse, wanting to manifest the perfect barn environment maybe even your own property?... and of course it doesn’t have to be horse related BUT who are we kidding- that’s always going to be our first priority😅!
We encourage you to go big!
You can literally manifest your dream life!
Our superpowers combined support you in doing just that!!


🧡 Can't wait to create with you!!