Shayleigh & Amber's 

Tea House

Most people don't know what they are missing until they experience the magic of having an aligned community of authentic people all holding the same intention...

To better understand our horses and ourselves!

What's Included...

  • Monthly Tea Party (Live Q & A) with Shayleigh and Amber
  • Early Access to guest podcast interviews 
  • Private facebook group
  • Book Club & meet the author calls
  • Access to a joint meditation by Shayleigh & Amber
  • Exclusive opportunity to join online workshops live
  • Unique, member only opportunities, for private & semi-private joint sessions with Shayleigh & Amber

Tea Party With Shayleigh & Amber!










When you find your tribe, you just know!

Our promise to you:

  • To always hold a safe space to learn & grow
  • To be real in where we are at in our own journeys 
  • To do our best in guiding you with simple & effective solutions to everyday challenges that come when you are navigating the conscious horsemanship journey

What people are saying about Shayleigh & Amber teaming up...

Tea House is definitely a safe, collaborative, inhibited space. I’ve posted things here that I wouldn’t post anywhere outside of my journal (which I now actually write in, thanks to these nuts—and myself). It’s a space of acceptance and expansion, with the only expectation being that each of us focuses on what our soul needs at any given point in time. There is such power and validation in that—such states of being that are often very truly hard to come by, let alone honestly. The Tea House is a space where people feel seen and heard and held through whatever emotional roller coaster or integration they are experiencing. A place where epiphanies and laughter through tears of joy are commonplace. For me, it’s both that refreshing and thirst-quenching gulp of cold liquid when you just need to come up for air, as well as the comforting, calming, quiet sip of warm tea as you settle in for the night. A veritable gem of a space with its own precious sparkle and shine that comes from the inside out! My inner child thanks me for giving us access to the wisdom here, both ancient and new. And I can finally thank her for being the guide to our soul’s purpose! Kalpana R (Member)

A safe place and space to explore the many possibilities of a journey with horses. The magic, the medicine, the challenges, the fears, the connection, the releasing of expectations with compassion for the human and the horse. Teachers and tools are presented in a way that asks the questions so each horse/human duo discover their own answers. What a gift! Corrie M (Member)

 I find this group be the safest, most open to all thoughts, emotions, and sacred wishes shared forum for people who share a very intimate relationship with their horses. Though we all have horses in common, this group honors and discusses empowerment and love of ones inner self and its direct relationship to the lessons our horses teach us. Nicki C. (Member)