Be yourself, fearlessly.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with expert guidance.

Cultivate a deeper connection with your equine partner and attain a greater sense of inner peace. You will find a range of safe spaces and experiences that will help you embrace and express your true self unapologetically, and discover the beautiful world that exists within and around you.


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Let it go, let the sky take it. Let the water carry it. Let the earth hold it. Because you don't have to anymore. 






A nurturing environment is essential for profound healing, both for you and your equine partner, where you can be seen, heard, and understood. Amber is an expert at creating such spaces, whether in-person or online. She aims to encourage a deeper connection with your equine partner and, most importantly, to help you reconnect with yourself. With over 20 years of experience in performance horse training, specializing in behavioral issues, Amber’s programs combine her expertise with certifications in personal growth coaching, ThetaHealing, Somatic Breathwork, and EAGALA. Amber also collaborates with other professionals to lead positive change in the horse industry.


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Hey there!

I'm Amber Lydic, 
a Holder of Sacred Spaces.

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A Collective Transformation is on the Horizon.

Witnessing the transformation of oneself is a life-changing experience. But imagine being a part of an industry-wide transformation that has a significant impact on an entire community. That’s the kind of change that gets me excited — the transformation of the horse industry as a whole. 

My passion for personal development has led me to dedicate my life to helping others in their journey of self-discovery. I believe that by embarking on this journey, we can unlock our full potential and live a more fulfilling life. As someone who has experienced the transformative power of personal growth, I am committed to guiding and supporting others as they navigate their own path toward fully embodying themselves. Through this work, we can collectively create a positive ripple effect that brings about meaningful change.


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Enter the enchanting world of Shayleigh and Amber’s Tea House, a community for like-minded equine lovers exploring the power of unity and growth.

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Embark on a voyage of collective self-discovery with handpicked events that aim to bring people together to ignite our souls and shift the way we engage with the world.

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Online Experiences

Discover a truer you through curated courses that offer the perfect blend of guidance and support, empowering you along your inner journey to forge deeper connections.

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A squirrel named Nutmeg and his two friends lead people on a lighthearted journey of self-discovery, helping them reconnect with themselves and their horses.

Shayleigh and Amber bring their unique perspective to the table, offering insights and guidance about some serious sh*t your horses want you to know. Let’s laugh, cry, and spill the tea together!

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Let Others Inspire You

"Amber, you are a rare, raw, touchable, humble and exquisitely beautiful human being. Have my sessions been life changing? Oh, you bet!"



"Amber has the natural ability to create containers of safety, where you can bring up and feel all of your emotions. She helps guide you to feel your body’s messages and what they mean, what you truly need and can do for yourself. Amber has helped me clear the old beliefs with love, grace, and acknowledgment. Her healing journeys have made room for my heart to heal and to hear my soul! Amber is a real-life “Mother Earth” dressed as a cowgirl."



"Amber helped me achieve a better connection with my horse by sweeping the subconscious self-limiting beliefs out of the way."




Naked on my soapbox

Calling bullsh*t on a few things

A little about who I am and how I got here

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