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Experience the transformative power of being among a community of like-minded individuals. 




Discover the depths of your authentic self to live life to the fullest alongside your equine partner.




Express your true self unapologetically in a safe space where you can be seen and heard. 

Bring your full self to the world with support and connection

Discover the magic that is created by a community of individuals who share the same passion — to better understand ourselves and our beloved horses. With our aligned intention, we can dive deeper into this incredible journey and explore new insights every step of the way. Are you ready to join us and experience the power of authentic connections? Let’s embark on this adventure together!


Meet Your Nurture and Growth Experts

Shayleigh Evans

I love to empower others and give a voice to animals along the way.

* Animal Communicator

* Life Coach for Pets and Their People

* Truth Seeker

* Lifetime Student 

Amber Lydic

I love creating spaces where people can embrace their most authentic selves. 

* Holder of Sacred Spaces

* Equine-Human Connection Specialist

* Vision Guide

* Spiritual Mentor


I love being the mascot and making sure these two nuts behave themselves.

* Brains of the Operation

* Moderator

* Inspired Thoughts Collector

* Note Taker


We’re always striving to make our monthly membership better and better, so that you can get the most out of your experience with us. As a Tea House member, you get a whole bunch of awesome perks that we’re pretty excited about. Check out the list below to see what we mean!


  • Monthly Tea Party: Live support and Q&A call with Shayleigh & Amber
  • Watch our guest podcasts live and ask your questions in real-time 
  • Join a private Facebook group for extra support and to connect with other members
  • Book club and meet the author live calls
  • Evergrowing meditation library
  • Exclusive opportunity to join online workshops live
  • Early access to book private and semi-private joint sessions with Shayleigh & Amber
  • Discounts on other offerings and special gifts throughout the year
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When you find your herd, you just know!

Our Promise to You

Always hold a safe space free of judgment, where we can learn and grow as a community.


Strive to be transparent and honest about where we are in our personal journeys.


Do our best to help you navigate your conscious horsemanship journey with simple and effective solutions.

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Don't just take our word for it

What people are saying about Shayleigh & Amber teaming up

"A safe place and space to explore the many possibilities of a journey with horses. The magic, the medicine, the challenges, the fears, the connection, the releasing of expectations with compassion for the human and the horse. Teachers and tools are presented in a way that asks the questions so each horse/human duo discover their own answers. What a gift!"



"I find this group be the safest, most open to all thoughts, emotions, and sacred wishes shared forum for people who share a very intimate relationship with their horses. Though we all have horses in common, this group honors and discusses empowerment and love of ones inner self and its direct relationship to the lessons our horses teach us."



"I never knew soul family was a thing ‘til I met you two and the rest of the nuts you have attracted to this truly magical place."



"I finally feel other like-minded people are out there and I can speak freely with no repercussions."



"I love the community of the Tea House! It is a soft place to land, a favorite song, a warm mug to wake you up, a home cooked meal, an emotional hug and a deep revival of the soul. I say this for many reasons… the deep ancient paths, lighthearted stories, epiphanies, up-leveling ideas, and down right funny AF conversations are priceless!"



"The Tea House is the safe sace I didn’t even know I NEEDED but am now realizing I’m so blessed to have! Truly truly, it is SO SPECIAL to know I can show up, speak openly, and NOT be judged. The camaraderie everyone, as we individually face the hard shit in our respective lives and keep on doing our part to become the best versions of ourselves is PURE GOLD. I am beyond honored to be a part of this group. I have soo much love and respect for you ALL and soo much GRATITUDE for Shayleigh and Amber as they pour their authentic hearts and souls into their ideas and offerings."



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