Tea Time with Shayleigh & Amber

Two friends chatting about some serious sh*t your horses want you to know.


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A squirrel named Nutmeg and his two friends lead people on a lighthearted journey of self-discovery, helping them reconnect with themselves and their horses.

Shayleigh and Amber bring their unique perspective to the table, offering insights and guidance about some serious sh*t your horses want you to know. Let’s laugh, cry, and spill the tea together!

Shayleigh Evans

I love to empower others and give a voice to animals along the way.

* Animal Communicator

* Life Coach for Pets and Their* People

* Truth Seeker

* Lifetime Student

Amber Lydic

I love creating spaces where people can embrace their most authentic selves. 

* Holder of Sacred Spaces

* Equine-Human Connection Specialist

* Vision Guide

* Spiritual Mentor


I love being the mascot and making sure these two nuts behave themselves.

* Brains of the Operation

* Moderator

* Inspired Thoughts Collector

* Note Taker

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What people are saying about Shayleigh & Amber teaming up

"These podcasts have been wildly associative to my life lately. They feel almost like a narrative. I could say a million words about how you are speaking to so many life events, but I’ll just sit back and keep absorbing this energy."



"I could listen to so many hours of this. Loved the episode, it definitely brought up emotions/trauma l've been squashing down. Really looking forward to more episodes."



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