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Connection is vital to me, and it all begins with connecting with yourself on every level — mind, body, and spirit. By understanding and integrating these internal messages, you amplify your connection with your horse and with those around you. Embracing both your shadow and light sides not only enriches your life experiences but it also enables you to reclaim your power and trust your intuition.


I am passionate about creating experiences that promote collaboration among professionals in the horse industry, encouraging transformative change. I believe in the power of working together to challenge norms and prioritize the well-being of the horse. Our ultimate goal is to lead by example, demonstrating the strength of unity and collaboration over competition.


I believe curiosity is fundamental to life. I keep a student’s mindset, remaining open to learning from my peers. This includes deepening my understanding of the complexities of both the human and horse — their bodies, minds, and spirits. By being a perpetual student, I ensure that my ego never dominates, and I cultivate humility, openness, and an ongoing space for growth and expansion.



A woman who wears many hats — a mother, sister, daughter, and friend. I am also a lifelong student of horses, and act as their devoted guardian. My life’s mission is to create spaces where people can unlock their own magic and healing abilities, fostering not just self-healing but providing solace for others — whether they be human or equine. I am committed to the collective well-being, and stand with the horses as we continue to shift our understanding of them. Importantly, I embark on this journey transparently, sharing my personal evolution because I believe that the path is never truly complete and the work is a continual process.



My journey began with an innate connection to horses — a bond that felt like it was etched in my DNA across lifetimes. I spent my childhood going on trail rides and endless circles at Waller Park in Santa Barbara County, which laid the foundation for my passion. When I turned 11, my single mother miraculously gifted me my first horse, Cooper, while balancing work and school. With the help of a passionate trainer named Syndi Ricks, I learned life lessons that went beyond riding, including cleaning stalls to earn my training. Copper taught me about tasting victory and literal dirt, showing me what it felt like to win and stay humble at the same time.

In college, I had an accident, driven by societal expectations, that left me immobilized for six months. However, this unfortunate event provided me with the insurance money that I needed to pursue my passion for horses. I spent a year in Colorado where I had the amazing opportunity to learn more about horse training with John and Josh Lyons. I also ventured into entrepreneurship, teaching kids and leasing horses.

After returning from Colorado, I started a successful business focused on helping performance horses with behavioral issues. However, I realized that a major part of the horses' problems stemmed from the humans, and yet no one was addressing how to support the human side of things. While I knew there was a disconnect, I wasn't sure what to do about it, so I continued to train horses to be safe for humans instead of also working towards making humans safe for horses.

In 2008, I was hired at San Jose’s mounted police unit after running my business and holding clinics for several years. During my time there, I noticed a significant disconnect between humans and horses. This sparked my curiosity and led me to pursue an EAGALA certification. However, I found the program’s structure limiting, so I developed my own approach to equine-assisted learning.

I acquired a larger facility and started hosting various events, including vet and farrier clinics, as well as different horse training experiences. I had a strong passion for cow horses, so I bought a young horse with the intention of competing someday. This was during a devastating divorce that plunged me towards rock bottom. As a result, my relationship with horses began to falter. I realized that I needed to work on myself, which sparked a spiritual journey that I had long avoided. During this time, it became clear that my young horse had no desire to compete, which left me feeling like my identity had been shattered to the core.

At an event where I walked on fire, I experienced a life-changing moment that helped me understand the power of energy. It inspired me to bridge the gaps that I observed throughout my career working with horses. To broaden my perspective and enhance my ability to assist others, I pursued several certifications, including coaching, ThetaHealing at multiple levels, and Somatic Breathwork. I have combined these modalities to create a unique approach to healing with my herd. Whether it’s through meditation, somatic experiences, or tailored interventions, I work with individuals both in groups and one-on-one.

My journey has led me to a pivotal position where I create events that offer a safe space for people to share their vulnerabilities. This enables them to open their hearts and minds to transformative experiences. It's a soul-nourishing path, and I feel like I have finally landed in a place where my Dharma can fully blossom. I am thrilled about what the future holds.



My approach is ever-evolving, aligning with a deep desire for continuous learning and understanding. Whether in group or individual sessions, I prioritize grounding individuals in the present moment, guiding them through intentional moments of stillness and connection with their own body’s sensations. This helps unravel the stories of the mind and recognize the protective nature of the ego.

The body is the unconscious mind, storing memories as sensations and energy. With this understanding, fear is diminished. Embracing full expression through movement or emotions initiates deep healing. Creating a safe, non-judgmental environment for clients to authentically feel their own body is critical.

When I connect with the spirit, I tap into a deeper understanding and faith in something beyond the physical body. Connecting with guides, ancestors, and a higher self reveals the soul's timeless nature. Realizing this unleashes the freedom to navigate life in full power, igniting a palpable fire.

In each session, I intertwine these elements — mind, body, and spirit. I aim for people to recognize that the key to their healing already lies within. Stripping away societal, parental, and caregiver programming allows a deeper knowing. Guided by the collective energy, every session creates a safe space for individuals to tap into and embrace their true selves. The goal is to empower them to carry this congruency into their everyday lives, supporting personal growth and influencing others by simply being their authentic self.



In 2022, I connected with Shayleigh through a mutual friend. I invited her as a guest on my podcast, and during our conversation, we realized that there was more to explore. 

Our journey together started with the idea of an online workshop, which evolved into a new podcast, Tea Time with Shayleigh and Amber. Eventually, it grew into a membership, Shayleigh and Amber's Tea House. We have also hosted live events and numerous online workshops.

Shayleigh and I complement each other well. We embrace honesty, offer grace, and remain flexible. Transparency is crucial to us, and we collaborate to be a voice for animals and guide people in finding their own voice. We encourage individuals to reclaim their power and actively utilize it.

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Let Others Inspire You

"Amber thoroughly allows people to figure out their own strategies, make sense of their own psyches and she is there to nudge, support and suggest ways to make our work with our horses the most satisfying and transformational possible. If you have a chance to do work with her, go for it! It will only make you and your horse glad you did."



"Amber has been instrumental in my growth as a rider and rebuilding my confidence as a mom. I still incorporate Amber's practices into my riding every day, whether it be just a quick mental reminder to be in the moment — or taking a longer, conscious pause to reset my mind and give my horse the space to engage with me and relax into himself."



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