"Taking out the Trash"- Episode 42

Podcast Episode Summary:

Shayleigh and Amber reflect on their latest episode, "Boots and Holes," diving into the intricate world of horsemanship.

They explore the notions of connection, confusion, and security in horse riding, emphasizing empathy and awareness when seeking vulnerability and trust from these majestic animals. Their conversation delves into the challenges of body work for both humans and horses, building trust in such sessions. They also discuss the vital aspects of forgiveness and fear in forging authentic connections with horses, the need for mindfulness in horse care, and the significance of shedding societal expectations. Chapters & Topics:

1. Connection, Confusion, and Security in Horsemanship - Debunking the myth of "connection" in horse riding - The power of empathy in the horse-human relationship

2. Challenges of Receiving Body Work - Personal experiences and difficulties in trusting body work practitioners - Navigating these challenges when working with animals

3. Connection vs. Contact and Forgiveness in Horsemanship - Unraveling the concept of genuine connection versus mere contact - The roles of fear and forgiveness in achieving a profound bond with horses

4. Balancing Horse Health and Owner Identity - Amber's approach to horse health and striking a balance - The projection of owner identity onto horses

5. Labels and Identity - Overcoming the need to prove oneself or one's horse - Embracing self-acceptance by removing labels and expectations

6. The Importance of Choices in Horsemanship - Recognizing the freedom of choice in horsemanship - Challenging the notion that there's only one way to ride

7. Choosing Familiar Pain - Exploring how horses and people often cling to familiar pain - Encouraging curiosity to break these patterns

8. Importance of Questioning Beliefs and Asking "Why" - Amber's insights on questioning beliefs to promote personal growth - Applying this principle to the horse world and life in general

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