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Jul 29, 2023

 Embracing Reciprocity: Redefining Giving and Receiving

Have you ever questioned the popular phrase, "It's better to give than to receive"? I've been contemplating this deeply, especially after attending the Elements of Connection Clinic with Shayleigh, Celeste, Tara, and Kathrine. Interestingly, the theme persisted in my recent event in Truckee, CA.

Think back to the times you were told this phrase – did it make you feel guilty? For many, it evokes a sense of selfishness when receiving. We were taught to prioritize others' needs and to feel bad about taking too much. But what if we were taught reciprocity instead? What if we were encouraged to recognize that receiving can be just as fulfilling as giving?

At times, we deplete ourselves in the pursuit of being perceived as "good people." However, filling our own cup first allows us to have more energy to give to others. Unfortunately, like many things in our culture, this idea has been distorted over time.

In my clinics and courses, I encounter women who genuinely want to give back to their horses. Often, they feel a sense of guilt or resentment, thinking they might be burdening these magnificent animals. The shift happens when they start giving themselves the time and attention they deserve without guilt or shame.

Remember, the horses that come into your life have core lessons for you. Embracing the receiving mode helps you understand and absorb these messages. If you don't, you might find yourself trapped in cycles of guilt, frustration, and self-doubt.

Challenge yourself to rethink apologies. Instead of saying sorry for taking up space or expressing yourself, turn it into gratitude for the other person's willingness to listen and hold space for you. Acknowledge that you are worthy of taking up space and using your voice.

You don't have to earn your right to exist – you were born worthy. However, societal pressures can twist our natural state of being into closed-off fragments of ourselves. Embrace unapologetically receiving as much as you give, knowing that it enriches your life and allows you to connect more deeply with others, including your horses.

Let your heart and mind be open to the messages these amazing animals bring forward for you. Embrace reciprocity, and you'll find a beautiful harmony in the energy you share with the world.

❤️ Amber

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