Barn Boundaries 

Imagine What Life Would Look Like If You Could Confidently Advocate For Yourself And Your Horse 


Do you get that uneasy feeling or break into a sweat when you think about establishing boundaries? You're not alone! Many would rather avoid it altogether to sidestep potential conflicts or awkward moments.


Here's the Thing: Boundaries are essential for nurturing meaningful relationships, whether they are with horses or humans.


Setting boundaries isn't just about drawing lines; It's about mastering the art of communication ‚Äď both verbal, and energetic. It's not just what you say, it's how you say it and the vibrational energy your thoughts and words hold that make a difference!


It's about creating safety and deep trusting connections!

Your ability to understand your horses unique way of communicating boundaries will help you have a deeper understanding of them, learn to take things less personally, and truly be able to hold space for them and yourself!



> We will unpack what boundaries truly are (and what they aren't), and equip you with the tools to communicate them effectively ‚Äď not just with words, but with the energy behind them.¬†
> We will explore various techniques and concepts, including chakras, human design, elements of Traditional Chinese medicine, emotional core wounds, and more! All aimed at empowering you to set boundaries effectively.
> The centerpiece of the workshop is a three-hour live session where we'll dive deep into all the material and provide practical tools to help you navigate boundary-setting with confidence. 


 This workshop will be the key to unlocking  meaningful relationships with your horses, other humans, and most importantly yourself



Live Workshop March 23rd at 9am PST/11am CST/12pm EST

Facilitated by Shayleigh Evans & Amber Lydic

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 What you'll get:

  • 3 Hour live, interactive workshop¬†integrating all of the¬†modules listed below
  • Full detailed deep dive on what¬†boundaries are and are NOT
  • Ways to give AND¬†receive¬†boundaries¬†
  • Worksheet to help you dive deep in your own personalized¬†experience¬†
  • Guide to¬†identifying and¬†understanding your Human Design and how it¬†affects the way you set¬†boundaries¬†
  • Guide to¬†identifying and¬†understanding¬†the emotional core wound you share with your horse(s)
  • Guide to¬†identifying and¬†understanding¬†your horse(s) Dosha¬†
  • Guide to¬†identifying and¬†understanding¬†your horse(s)¬†elements in¬†Traditional Chinese Medicine¬†
  • Guide to¬†identifying and¬†understanding¬†Chakras¬†¬†and how they play a part in setting¬†boundaries¬†
  • Support in the Private FB group to keep the connections and¬†conversations going!
  • All recordings of the special¬†edition podcasts around¬†boundaries¬†including the guided¬†visualization and the¬†recording of the¬†mini workshop all in one place!
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Boundaries are the bridge between self-awareness and self-empowerment, enabling you to honor your needs while respecting the needs of others 



We're Shayleigh & Amber.


We understand the struggles that come with setting boundaries. It hasn’t always been easy for us either. Yet, these challenges have inspired us to dig deeper, learn, and grow. It’s our heartfelt intention to share this journey with you, not only as confident guides but also as humble learners. We recognize that the lessons in boundary-setting are ongoing, and we’re dedicated to evolving alongside you every step of the way. No judgment, no criticism - just a safe space to explore how it might feel to be unapologetically you!!


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Shayleigh Evans

Shayleigh is a life coach for pets and their people. She loves to empower others and give a voice to animals along the way. A born mystic and knowledge seeker, she offers intuitive insight and guidance into connections between people, their pets, and the world around us. 

Amber Lydic

Amber is a lifelong student of horses and acts as their devoted guardian. Her life's mission is to create spaces, either on her own or with other professionals, where people can unlock their own magic and healing abilities, fostering not just self-healing but providing solace for others, whether they be human or equine.


When You Join The Barn Boundaries Live Workshop... 

Step One

You will gain access to the member portal were you can dive deep into the content to prepare for the workshop! 

Step Two

Join the 3 hour live, interactive workshop where we will put all your new found understandings to practice & coaching

Step Three

Continue the journey with support & celebration in the community! We are all in this together & the journey doesn't end after the workshop!


What Others Have Experienced Working With Shayleigh and Amber


"I find this group be the safest, most open to all thoughts, emotions, and sacred wishes shared forum for people who share a very intimate relationship with their horses. Though we all have horses in common, this group honors and discusses empowerment and love of ones inner self and its direct relationship to the lessons our horses teach us.

Nicki C. (Member)

"A safe place and space to explore the many possibilities of a journey with horses. The magic, the medicine, the challenges, the fears, the connection, the releasing of expectations with compassion for the human and the horse. Teachers and tools are presented in a way that asks the questions so each horse/human duo discover their own answers. What a gift!

Corrie M (Member)

"a safe, collaborative, inhibited space. I‚Äôve posted things here that I wouldn‚Äôt post anywhere outside of my journal (which I now actually write in, thanks to these nuts‚ÄĒand myself). It‚Äôs a space of acceptance and expansion, with the only expectation being that each of us focuses on what our soul needs at any given point in time. There is such power and validation in that‚ÄĒsuch states of being that are often very truly hard to come by, let alone honestly. The Tea House is a space where people feel seen and heard and held through whatever emotional roller coaster or integration they are experiencing. A place where epiphanies and laughter through tears of joy are commonplace. For me, it‚Äôs both that refreshing and thirst-quenching gulp of cold liquid when you just need to come up for air, as well as the comforting, calming, quiet sip of warm tea as you settle in for the night. A veritable gem of a space with its own precious sparkle and shine that comes from the inside out! My inner child thanks me for giving us access to the wisdom here, both ancient and new. And I can finally thank her for being the guide to our soul‚Äôs purpose!

Kalpana R (Member)


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