The Art of Equine Alchemy

To be a solid partner in any horse or human relationship, you must be able to regulate your own nervous system first. This is the most important, yet least discussed aspect of horsemanship and we need a shift to make that the first priority! 
Deep healing comes from having a safe container for you and your horse to be seen, heard and understood…
Amber’s programs combine over 20 years of performance horse training, specializing in behavioral issues and her certification personal growth coaching, Certifications in Theta Healing, Somatic Release Breath work and EAGALA. With this knowledge and experience she curates individualized programs for the client to achieve desired performance goals and more importantly, deepen the connection and strengthen the horse human relationship. Carefully building trust between you and your horse- but more importantly reconnects you to yourself. 
These programs are a true mind, body and spirt journey to go on with your horse!

If you're a horse owner/guardian then here's what you are up against:

🌱You've got to learn how to properly care for your horse nutritionally
🦴understand anatomy so you can better understand how to develop them properly to keep them sound, and if they aren't sound you have to learn it so you can rehab them..
🕵🏻‍♀️Then you must find a trainer (vet, farrier and body worker too), but not just anyone, the ones who's methods are aligned with what feels good to you, but also meets your performance needs..
🐴You learn ground work before you ride and when you start riding you realize you need more groundwork... and then on top of this we need to build a strong and connected partnership with them... AND OURSELVES??🌀
And this is just the tip of the iceberg!
🚩This is where you start to understand when people say "crazy horse person"...we are 🤣, but let's embrace it! 
It's a beautiful thing to have access to clinic's, trainer videos, online programs and social media posts...BUT at the same time it can be completely overwhelming! My programs focus on building a foundation for any discipline or level rider!

My intention in every program that I do is to create a safe and connected space for you to deepen your understanding of what a healthy relationship between you and your horse can look like. Then with simple (not always easy) proven, step by step processes, I help you achieve just that- and you see shifts immediately... 

 Below are my online options:

Mirror Masterclass- Level 1

Mirror Masterclass Info

Shayleigh & Amber's Tea House

Join the Tea Party!

Breathe- Believe-Recieve


2023 Event Schedule:

  • JANUARY - NOVEMBER Breath-Believe-Recieve-(Online) Click Here For 2023 BBR Info!
  • JANUARY 21st- Tea Time with Shayleigh and Amber (Online) Click Here For The Tea House Info!
  • FEBRUARY 12th- Mirror Master Class-Level 1 Coach Session (Online) Click Here For MasterClass Info
  • MARCH 11th- Special Event  (Hollister CA)
  • MARCH 12th- Mirror Master Class - Level 1 Coach Session (Online)
  • APRIL 16th- Mirror Master Class Level 1 Coach Session (Online)
  • APRIL 22nd- Mirror Session (Aptos, CA)
  • MAY 14th Mirror Master Class Level 1 Coach Call (Online)
  • MAY 20th-21st Amber and Lockie Phillips Clinic (Aptos, CA) Click Here for Lockie & Amber Clinic 
  • JUNE 2nd-4th Amber, Tara Davis, Celeste Lazaris, Shayleigh  Evans and Katherine Lowry (Aptos) Full
  • JUNE 12th Mirror Master Class Level 1 Coach Session (Online)
  • JUNE 16th-18th- MITS Clinic (Truckee, CA) Click Here For Truckee Clinic Info
  • JUNE 24th/25th- Trail Confidence Clinic- Level 1 (Aptos) Click Here For Trail Confidence Clinic Info
  • JULY 9th Mirror Master Class Level 1 Coach Session (Online)
  • JULY 15th- Trail Confidence Clinic w/ Heather Kornemann (Aptos, CA)
  • AUGUST 4th-6th MITS Clinic (Liberty Lake, WA)
  • AUGUST 13th Mirror Master Class Level 1 (Online)
  • AUGUST 26th-27th Amber and Heather Kornemann- Trail Confidence Series-level tba (Benicia, CA)
  • SEPTEMBER 9th- Vision Quest Clinic (Aptos,CA)
  • SEPTEMBER 10th- Mirror Master Class Level 1 Coach Session (Online)
  • OCTOBER 7th- Obstacle Illusion Clinic (Aptos)
  • OCTOBER 15th- Mirror Master Class Level 1 Coach Session (Online)
  • OCTOBER 23rd- Mirror Session (Aptos, CA)
  • NOVEMBER 12th- Mirror Master Class Level 1 Coach Session (Online)


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Contact to Host a Clinic

HI! I'm Amber!

Mother, friend, sister, horse trainer for over 20 years (not feeling this title anymore but haven't found a good replacement yet) My passion is reined cow horse and cutting! I am a Theta Practitioner, Certified in Somatic Release Breath work, Certified mindset coach, and also Certified in EAGALA. 

All of that being said, I am mostly just a human going through this life learning all the same lessons as everyone else. I have faithfully dedicated my time here to finding different ways to access more of our true selves- I pride myself on being able to create a safe container for space to be held in anyway it needs to be.

No judgment, always real and can always see the light in the shadow.. 

Society, especially the equine world, may put us in boxes, but that doesn't mean we have to stay there. I'm all about breaking free from who we think we should be and to start living as exactly who we want to be! 

This may not be the traditional route in horsemanship but I promise you this is thread to having a deeply connected partnership and still being able to hit your performance goals (although some of them may seem far less significant after this program)

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and unapologetic confidence.

More of my story...

"Amber Lydic, you are a rare, raw, touchable, humble and exquisitely beautiful human being. I will eternally thank and send love to our client and friend that paved the way for me to meet you."


Sandy Vreeburg


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