The Art of Equine Alchemy

To be a solid partner in any horse or human relationship you must be able to regulate your own nervous system first . This is the most important yet least discussed aspect of horsemanship and we need a shift to make that the first priority! 
Deep healing comes from having a safe container for you and your horse to be seen, heard and understood…
Amber’s programs combine over 20 years of performance horse training training experience, specializing in behavioral issues, with her trainings in personal growth coaching, Theata Healing and Somatic Release Breath work. With this knowledge and experience she curates individualized programs for the client to achieve desired performance goals and more importantly, deepen the connection and strengthen the horse human relationship by building trust between you and your horse- but more importantly reconnects you to yourself. 
These programs are a true mind, body and spirt journey to go on with your horse!

Mirror Masterclass- Level 1

Cultivating Connection-Full (Next Session is January 2023)

October 15th- 21st 2022

Deepening the relationship with self to allow for deeper connections within all relationships, horse and human!

What you'll get:

  • 6 Live Coaching Calls (3 topic focused and 3 meditation/breath work  check in calls) All calls are recorded!
  • Library of daily practices to choose from including: Qigong, Pilates, breath work, guided meditations, prompted journaling 
  • Mindfulness activities to do with your horse to deepen connections 
  • Guest trainers and body workers have contributed their secret methods of deepening the connection between horse and human
  • Mindful horsemanship introduction groundwork
  • Resource list of valuable coaches and support programs 
  • Deep reflection membership is available to  a limited amount of members - Personalized experience- 3 intimate calls with only deep reflection members- accountability partners and a special guest speaker 😉 

This 3 level program is designed to build a solid foundation for you and your horse from the bottom up.

Level 1: Cultivating Connection 

Level 2: Conscious Ground Work- January 2023

Level 3: Ridden Work- April 2023

Grow together and find a whole new level of whole horsemanship- 

Mind, Body and Spirit



Amber Lydic, you are a rare, raw, touchable, humble and exquisitely beautiful human being. I will eternally thank and send love to our client and friend that paved the way for me to meet you.


Sandy Vreeburg

More of what others are saying

Clinics are all focused and the human, horse relationship mixed with addressing performance goals

1-5 day options

Customized for the hosts clients, Some examples are:

-Riding with Your Inner Child

-Finding Feel

-Obstacle Illusion 

Arena must have appropriate footing and covered depending on time of year and climate

If you are interested in hosting a clinic please feel free to contact us!

2022 Full-Currently booking for 2023

Contact to Host a Clinic

-Private Sessions in Aptos CA- $150 per hour

Allotted times for private haul in sessions are scheduled on an individual basis. Most availability is during the week day mornings. 

Private Week Intensive in Aptos CA - $1000 per week- Owner participation is required

2022 Event Schedule:

  • JUNE 4Th-Mirror Session (Aptos CA)
  • JUNE 25Th- "The Essence of Being" Co facilitated with Tami Elkham (Aptos CA)
  • JULY 9th- Mirror Session (Aptos CA)
  • JULY 23rd- Optical Illusion Clinic (Aptos CA)
  • AUGUST 4th-7th Clinic (Truckee CA)
  • AUGUST 20th- Mirror Session (Aptos CA)
  • SEPTEMBER 17th-"Finding Feel" Clinic (Aptos CA)
  • SEPTEMBER 24th- Mirror Session (Aptos CA)
  • OCTOBER 15th-December 21st- Mirror Masterclass-Level 1
  • JANUARY 13th-15th 2023 (TBA, CA) Tara Davis, Celeste Lazaris and Katherine Lowry


For over 20 years, my personal passion and purpose have been to support those that are on a journey to develop a deep and connected relationship with their horse. While classes, techniques and learning tools are critical for developing this relationship, the true nature of deep bonding comes from within. 

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