$44.00 USD

Mirror Session

 The BEST way to connect with your equine partner is to connect with yourself! 

The mirror sessions do exactly that!

What People Are Saying:

That mirror session was awesome. For the first time I had the awareness I had space in my body, I’d cleared out a lovely amount of the shadowy sh*t and your session let in the healing pink light, I actually saw the space behind my heart, when I first heard you say space behind your heart I thought oh my god, my ears have never even heard this space let alone know I have a space there ! Well today I saw it! Look at me and my wow power! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me and guiding me deeper than I have ever gone…

Kyle E.

I've only been available to attend two of Amber’s Mirror Sessions. The first one brought me feelings of inner peace and tranquility. The second session - her meditation was that much deeper, and more thoughtful. After the meditation we journaled and then added movement relating to where we felt “ stuck “ during the meditation. I must share that this combination of Amber’s beautiful meditation, then journaling with horses milling around us followed by movement was truly life changing for me. Through her offering , I was able to put healing light and movement into a part of my mind and body that had been trapped for years.

Sandy V